What’s Deco Film all about?

Deco Film (PTY) Ltd combines practical, safety, comfort and aesthetic benefits to give you the perfect application suitable to your environment and needs.
Our film  is of the highest quality, SABS and ISO approved, rated and weighed and measured against levels of safety, heat, light, Ultra Violet and Infra red, privacy as well as design and print.
Ultimately a custom application that will address whatever your desired result.

The business model is owner managed, very much hands on and considering our 15 years experience in this field, we are able to interpret needs into outcome.

Our advice is free, we offer guarantees and warranties on both product and workmanship and Quality Control is part and parcel of the service we provide.
We will enhance your work or living space on all levels, professionally and with confidence.
Call for a – no obligation- free quote and allow us to astound you. Or get in touch with us HERE
…    We have an application for your every need !