Smash & Grab Safety Film for vehicles

One can never be too safe, which is why we highly recommend fitting Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film to your vehicle.

35% is the legal Shade of tint allowed in South Africa on vehicles. Our film comes in 100 & 125 microns (thickness of the film).

View the benefits of anti smash & grab film below:
  • The film provides a protective barrier between you and the shattering glass in the event of side impact collision or smash and grab attempt
  • The window might still break, but the safety film will keep the window in place until it can be replaced
  • Filters out distracting glare and blocks 99% harmful UV rays, protecting interior of vehicle and occupants
  • Reduces heat and keeps car cooler

smash & grab


Vehicle Back Window Branding

Get your business name out the! Advertise on your vehicle, grabbing the attention of those driving past you or behind you. You can either create your own ad for your vehicle, but it would have to adhere to our designing specifications or you can let us design it for you at no extra charge. Branding is done on one way perforated film, meaning the driver can see out, but outsiders can’t see inside. Email us to require more information about branding your back window of your vehicle.

vehicle branding