Here at Deco Film we get excited about any interior decor projects that come our way. Below are some ideas which hopefully inspire the inner artist and designer in you! Orders are welcome, please contact us on the contact page to place an order. Get creative! Take our films and design your own master piece! Create beautiful glass table tops with one of our designer films, create something that is not found anywhere else!

Let Deco Film assist in making your ideas and designs a master piece! Happy Designing!

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Deco Film Interior decor


For the Architects and Interior Designers:

Low E glass is currently a MUST HAVE in any building plans. As this glass is very expensive, we’re proud to announce that we have a film type similar to LOW E glass, but less expensive. Architects approve of this film type, as it is also energy saving film, assisting with climate control inside the building.


In the meantime view some of our part Deco Fitments, click here to view our projects