Various film types can be used for office tinting, from reflective films on the building windows to designer partitioning films and boardroom glass designs. Low E glass films are also available now from Deco Film, for more info please contact us.

Below are some scenarios for using some film types, as a guideline on why our film would be able to help improve your comfort of living!

ProblemBenefits of ApplicationRecommended Application
Privacy into building• Create a one-way mirror effect from the outside looking in
• Enhances the look of the building
• Reflective film
Internal offices | Boardrooms privacy and security• Great designs for partitioning and privacy between offices inside boardrooms
• Still allows light into offices
• Decorative films
• Frosted matt films
Shop frontal – Dull look• Create eye catching designs, endorsing the tint impression look of your business• Decorative films
• Reflective films
No cashier | Manager privacy from staff and customers• Create partially view designs on glass
• Create one-way mirror effect on glass
• Decorative films
• Reflective films
Injury from splintering glass breakage• Strengthen glass by applying film• Safety film
Extreme day time glare into offices• Reduce glare but allows natural light into office• Reflective films
• Non-reflective films
• Clear blue films
Injury on non-visible glass• Film application can prevent injury by making glass more visible
• Prevents glass from splintering
• Decorative films
• Frosted Matt films
Fading of office furniture and artwork• Different glass rejects below 13-29% of solar heat, with window film, up to 80% solar heat reject can be obtain• Reflective film
• Non-reflective film
• Decorative films

Please feel free to contact us if you have other office tinting related queries.