Various films are available for residential tinting, very similar to office tinting films. We’ve put together a group of scenarios that you could come across at home where you might need our various film types. Please feel free to email us if your scenario does not pop up below. Also note, these are just some guidelines to make your choice of film easier.

ProblemBenefits of ApplicationRecomended Application
Privacy into house• Provide day time privacy from the outside looking in
• Does not affect view looking out or natural light entering room
• See reflective films
• See frosted matt films
High heat absorption in house• Blocks heat (some heat still absorbed, but not as much as previous times),harmful UV and Infra Red rays
• Improves indoor climate control
• Still allows natural light to enter
• See reflective films
• Non reflective films
Injury by splintering glass from breakage• Strengthens glass by applying film
• On breakage film will shatter by remain in place until replaced (pulled out from frame)
• See safety films
Extreme daytime glare causing eye strain• Reduces glare
• View and natural light remains the same
• Reflective films
• Non reflective films
• Clear blue film highly suggested
Extreme weather conditions (winds| hail| etc)• Strengthens glass with film• Safety films
Fading of household objects (furniture, artwork etc)
Please view FADING FACTORS for more info
• Different glass rejects below 13-29% of solar heat, with window film, up to 80% solar heat reject can be obtain• Reflective film
• Non-reflective film
• Decorative film
Sliding door and inside partitioning glass leading to fatal accidents• Film application can prevent accidents by making glass more visible
• Also prevents glass from splintering
• Decorative film
• Frosted Matt patterned film
Bathroom | Shower doors not offering privacy• Application offers privacy by fully blocking view
• Is heat and moisture resistant
• Offers decorative finish
• In case of glass breakage, glass will not splinter into pieces
• Frosted Matt selection

Please feel free to contact us if you have other residential tint related queries.